Reflect: Expressions of Love

So I found this video and it has made me think a lot about the way I demonstrate my love towards my husband. I have been married for almost two years and even though I love him more and more each day, this video made me realize that I need to step up my game in SHOWING him how much I love him; actions speak WAY louder than words. I truly love my husband with all my heart and I intend on showing it to him for the rest of our lives. This thought also took me to wonder about the other important people in my lives such as my parents, my siblings, my friends, and maybe even those people that I see in the street, a simple smile can do soooo much. I will do, not just say (hope that makes sense). I also starting asking myself how I show God that I love Him. I can honestly say that everyday I say “thank you God, I love you” but I realize that I need to SHOW Him how much I actually love Him, I need to SHOW Him my gratitude. I want to show these people I love how much I truly love them, I want them to feel loved by me. How do you show the people you love how much you truly love them? Let them feel and see it, not just hear it.

El otro dia encontre este video y me puse a meditar en la manera que le demuestro amor hacia mi esposo. He estado casada por casi dos años y aunque amo y mi esposo cada día mas, me eh dado cuenta que necesito mejorar mi manera de demostrarle mi amor; acciones valen MUCHO mas que mil palabras. De verdad amo a mi esposo con todo mi corazón y intentare demostrarselo por el resto de nuestras vidas. Este pensamiento me llevo a pensar en las otras personas importantes en mi vida como mis padres, mis hermanos y hermanas, mis amigos y amigas. Quiero empezar a hacer y no nomas decir. También pensé en como yo le demuestro a Dios el amor que le tengo. Puedo decir que todos los días le digo “gracias Dios, te amo” pero me di cuenta que necesito DEMOSTRARLE cuanto en realidad le amo, necesito DEMOSTRARLE mi gratitud. Quiero demostrarle a esta gente que amo, cuanto les amo, quiero que se sientan amados por mi, que vean el amor que les tengo. Como les demuestras tu a la gente que les amas? Deja que sientan tu amor, que lo vean y no nomas lo oigan. 

**This video is made for the “Mormon Channel” on YouTube, I however am not Mormon but I believe that a good message can be found in a lot of places and that’s why I’m sharing this video 🙂


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