Being Thankful – Week 2

Nov. 9 – Thank God for grandparents.

My maternal grandpa is in Mexico. My grandmother passed away when I was young but let me tell you, this woman had 11 DAUGHTERS!! 11!! A lot of kids must cause chaos but girls? Imagine a house filled with drama, drama, drama. My grandmother was a strong woman, she raised all her children with great morals and a strong work ethic. Sadly, she passed when I was very young so I don’t have many memories with her but if she was anything like my aunts then she was a great person. My maternal grandpa, like I said, is in Mexico. This man always seems to relax me when I’m with him, he has a calm vibe around him. Always playing dominos, cards, and when his grandkids are there he loved to play with us. I loved watching tv with him, he would be sitting on a hammock and all of a sudden he would start snoring. We would turn off the tv for him and as soon as the tv clicked off he would say “I was watching that.” I was funny because, though he was asleep, he was able to tell us EVERYTHING that happened in the movie, it was strange yet hilarious. I hope to see him soon, really soon.

My paternal grandparents also live in Mexico but for the last couple of months they have been here in California with us. My grandmother had knee surgery twice this year and I always tried to be there with her and for her. During this time, I was able to get close to her and my grandpa. Hearing all her stories as a young woman, as a young mother, and a young wife were sooo interesting and I grateful for all her strength. She had 9 children, 6 men and 3 women, and she started at at the age of 15. She has always worked really hard for her family, emotionally and physically. She raised a great group of kids, now a days they’re all strong, hard workers. My grandpa also was, is, a hard worker. He is in his 80’s and this man does not sit down for one minute. In Mexico, he wakes early and feeds his animals, takes care of his farm, cleans, among many things. He’s also a great man and loves his family dearly.

I have become accustomed to having them with me and hope to have them with me a long time.

Nov.9 – Gracias a Dios por los abuelos.

Mis abuelos por parte de mi mama esta en Mexico. Mi abuela falleció cuando yo estaba muy pequeña pero dejen que les cuente, este señora tuvo a 11 HIJAS!! 11!! Tener muchos hijos a de ser mucho caos pero con mujeres? Imaginen una casa llena de drama. Mi abuela fue una mujer fuerte, crío a sus hijas con buenas morales y les enseño a ser trabajadoras. Tristemente falleció cuando yo estaba muy pequeña así que no tengo muchas memorias de ella o con ella pero se que fue una gran mujer. Como dije, mi abuelo esta en Mexico. Mi abuelo es un hombre relajado, es muy calmado (pienso yo). Cuando hemos ido a visitarlo anda jugando domino, con tarjetas, y con los nietos. Nos encanta mirar la televisión con el, el se acuesta “mirando la tele” y de repente empieza a roncar. Le apagamos la televisión y en cuanto se apaga  la tele nos dice “estaba mirando eso.” Nos causaba mucha risa porque aunque estaba dormido y roncando, el nos podía contar TODO lo que sucedió en la película. Espero mirarlo muy pronto.

Mis abuelos por parte de mi mama también viven en Mexico pero por ahorita están aquí en California conmigo. Mi abuela tubo 2 operaciones en su rodillas y eh tratado de estar ahí con ella y para ella. Durante este tiempo pude acercarme mucho a mis abuelos. Escuche historias de su juventud, siendo una madre joven y una esposa joven, agradezco su esfuerzo durante su juventud. Tuvo 9 hijos, 6 hombres y 3 mujeres, y desde los 15 años. Se esforzó mucho por su familia, emocionalmente y físicamente. Crío a hijos buenos, trabajadores, y fuertes. Mi abuelo también fue, es, un hombre trabajador. Tiene como 80 años y nunca para, nunca se sienta. En Mexico se levantaba muy temprano para cuidar a sus animales, y toda la cosecha. Es un gran hombre que también ama mucho a su familia. 

Espero tener mucho tiempo con ellos en mi vida.


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